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The house reeks of smoke and is groaning under the weight of uneaten chocolate. Both issues created by Easter celebrations.

The smoke is the direct result of the Rascal’s proactive efforts to make himself breakfast on Easter Friday. How you might ask. Well simple – heat a frozen hot cross bun for 3 minutes in the microwave. The result? An incinerated bun, a disgusting microwave and a house full of smoke that hasn’t disipated despite the passage of 3 whole days. His proactivity was complimented. Similarly he was congratulated for having the presence of mind to wake up mummy to advise there was a lot of ‘steam’ in the kitchen and family room.

The chocolate is, of course, all the Easter Bunny’s fault. After all the other food consumed there simply wasn’t the room to finish all of Bunny’s loot.  Chestnuts, lasagna, involtini, prosciutto, supasarda, chocolate, tiramisu, panettone and sfoglie were some of the many treats consumed.